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Producer's Letter

And now a word from our producer, Scott Junior.

Hello Exiles!

First, I wanted to thank everyone that has joined us during the first week of Siptah launch. We are incredibly excited to see so many new and past players return to survive, build, and dominate in the world of Conan Exiles.

For the first few weeks of Early Access we will be rapidly fixing and patching issues as we discover them. We released our first hotfix– 2.0.1, on Wednesday and today we released 2.0.2 which addresses some of the feedback and bugs you have told us about. This includes crash fixes, toning down the surge audio, addressing some issues with the healing changes, making the mounted version of the Rhino easier to obtain, and other fixes you can find here[]!

Why Early Access?
The first reason is that Isle of Siptah does a lot of things different than Exiled Lands and we want to get feedback from the player base and make the necessary changes. Early Access was very successful on the original Exiled Lands map and we will engage with the community and incorporate your feedback to improve Isle of Siptah. The goal is to make the map the best that it can be.

The second reason is that the Expansion was not ready to release on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Due to the pandemic and our work from home situation we have not been able to spend as much time testing and developing the expansion on consoles. Two of our studios, and several of our testing partners are still working at home which limits the sharing of dev/test kits. Console submission times have also greatly increased due to the pandemic and first party changes related to the next generation of consoles. One of the benefits of doing PC Early Access first, is that the platform allows us to more quickly patch out new fixes, improvements, and try out gameplay changes, allowing us to spend the next few months efficiently fine-tuning the experience. This will no doubt greatly benefit console players when they finally get access in early 2021.

What's Next?
We will be using the Early Access period to work on some major changes that will impact both Isle of Siptah and the Exiled Lands. The first will be an update to the economy and crafting systems, balancing some of the Siptah systems, and introduce a character re-customization feature which includes new character creation options exclusive to Isle of Siptah owners. As we get closer to the launch of the update we will give you more details on changes, as well as preview some of the art and assets associated with it. We are also working on feedback about the game mechanics of Siptah. We will be adjusting certain mechanics like wild surges to make them more solo player friendly, and adding additional land masses throughout the Early Access period.

Healing and Food
I wanted to discuss the changes to the healing/food system in update 2.0. Prior to this update, healing was primarily a function of food your character ate. The mechanical effect was that when you activated a food item, you would receive a small duration buff that would heal you for a small to moderate amount based on the item quality. Therefore you had to eat a piece of food every time the buff had dissipated until your health was full.

Food items weigh very little and are abundant throughout the world, which allow you to carry multiple stacks when doing any activity. Additionally, these items can be activated at any moment, while sprinting, in knockback or even during an attack. The gameplay that this system promoted was continuous item activation during any activity, in some cases allowing you to heal through many encounters without repercussion. This ended up trivializing health as a resource and invalidated several of the other healing options in the game.

The goal of the new system is to create windows of safety in which you can heal mid combat while also having options for cost effective out of combat healing solutions.

This boils down to – more interesting and dynamic combat encounters, more meaningful and decisive use of healing items, and less need to carry stacks of random foodstuffs.

Healing Items by Role
  • Potions- are intended as an in combat tactical heal, you perform an animation for two seconds, at one and a half seconds the healing buff is applies. If the you are knocked out of the animation before the buff is applied, you do not receive the healing effect.
  • Wraps- are intended as a strong/fast out of combat heal, however you can risk using them if you feel confident in your safety. On use you are locked into a ten second animation during which you heal for the duration or until you reach maximum health.
  • Food- is intended as cost effective background healing effect that players use between encounters. Update 2.0.2 will increase the out of combat healing amount.
We are listening to your feedback on this feature and will continue to make improvements over the Early Access period.

We are also doing a Q&A stream next week, so please drop by the forums and send us your questions: I look forward to talking to you all next week!

As with every journey in the world of Conan, this one will be long and bloody. But together we will fight our way from the wreckage strewn beaches and, one day, climb to the top of Siptah’s tower and look out over all we have accomplished.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, Exiles. The Tower waits…


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PC Hotfix (18.09.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.2

Greetings Exiles!

We’re releasing hotfix 2.0.2 to address remaining issues as well as fine-tuning some of the new features and balance changes introduced with the Isle of Siptah update.

Among these fixes, we’ve included a balance pass to the healing system, buffing the healing provided by food and fixing an issue with emotes interrupting animations. We’ve also streamlined the rhino mount system, making it easier and more logical to understand. Among the rest of BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMissues stands out a fix BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMto a slightly irritatingBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM issue with Wild Surges BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMaudio being a bit too loud and constant.

Thanks again for your constant feedback and support, and stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.

  • Fixed a number of server crashes related to the multimap functionality.
  • Fixed a number of connectivity related server crashes.
  • Fixed a number of client crashes.

  • Continued refinements on the anti-undermesh feature. This feature is still a work in progress and currently not enabled in official servers. It is activated in Testlive servers where we’ll continue gathering feedback and telemetry to further refine it.
  • Improved network security features on dedicated servers.

  • Beam of light would not appear after crafting a Focus Altars inside the Leyshrines. This is now fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where charging with a mount would deal damage in unintended situations.

  • Fixed an issue with Surge waves being spawned in inconsistent order. They should now end with a boss spawn.
  • Addressed a number of inconsistencies that would cause confusion in regards of the rhino mount system.
    • Remove the recipes to create skinned version of the Black Rhino and White Rhino (Savage, Killer, Purebred).
    • Change the highland berries and vines to give a 100% chance to craft a Grey Rhino when used as food in an animal pen.
    • Savage Grey Rhino, Killer Grey Rhino, and Purebred Grey Rhino now require Sea Salted Fodder to craft.

  • Increased healing amount and duration on food healing, but now breaks on damage. Players get twice the healing per tick on item use, and doubled the duration. This results in a roughly 4 times increase per food item consumed.

  • Fixed a texture issue with the Den boss.
  • Fixed an issue where emotes would interrupt healing animations.
  • Fixed a texture issue with Stormglass doors and gateways.

  • Wild Surges now do less BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. We made it a bit more baaaam instead. #notthezimmerhornbuthey

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Alpha 19.1 B-8 Experimental is out!

Alpha 19.1 B-8 Experimental is out!

Forum Release Notes![]

This is how you access the A19.1 B8 Experimental build:

  1. Right click on the game in steam
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click the “betas” tab
  4. The drop down menu will have latest_experimental available <— you want THAT
  5. Select that and wait for the game to download.

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PC Update (16.09.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.1: Isle of Siptah

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re thrilled to see that many of you have been tackling the new challenges of Siptah and unveiling its secrets, as there is much more to it than meets the eye!

We’ve also been gathering your feedback and issue reports, some of which are being addressed in this Day 1 Hotfix that the developers have worked hard to bring you in such short notice.

Be sure to continue participating in the forums and sharing your opinions on the new balancing and PvP changes that were introduced with yesterday’s update, your input is invaluable.

Thank you for all your support!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.

  • The early-access Rhino skin can now be accessed.
  • Fixed the broken LODs on some of the Dragons.
  • Fixed the broken LODs on certain facial hair options.
  • Receiving any type of damage while bandaging will now properly interrupt the animation.
  • Fixed the texture issues for Stormglass Doors and Gateways.
  • Fixed the way buildings' thermal insulation is factored into the characters' temperature resistance.
  • Infused Wraps are now spawning properly.

  • Added a Streamer Mode to the Gameplay Settings.
    • This will effectively hide the server details from the Escape menu and the player name on the inventory.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause NPCs to float in the air during a Surge event.
  • The Half-Child of Dagon will no longer offer level boosting services to followers.

  • Fixed a UI issue regarding the new PvP Settings in the Server Settings tab.

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Start Anew on Isle of Siptah – Huge Expansion Out Now in Early Access

Washed ashore after a terrible storm, you arrive at the Isle of Siptah alone and with nothing but a torn shirt on your back and a mysterious bracelet attached to your wrist. You have escaped the clutches of your captors, but you do not yet know if you were fortunate or cursed to end up in this ominous place. You only know that you will have to fight if you are to survive and build your life anew.

Isle of Siptah is by far the biggest addition to Conan Exiles to date. You’ll have a whole new world to explore, new legends to discover, new enemies to defeat – and a completely revamped endgame, featuring surges of magic, island vaults and eldritch storms.

You will have to create a new character for the expansion, giving everyone who joins early the opportunity to get a head start.

The expansion is available on PC now in Early Access, with full release on all platforms expected in early 2021. Isle of Siptah can be played in online multiplayer, single-player and co-op.

Join us into Early Access now and get:

  • Instant access. Play Isle of Siptah today! 
  • A discount compared to the 2021 launch price. 
  • Your own limited-edition War-torn Rhino Mount skin.